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Dr. David Kitz Krämer

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Curriculum Vitae

Natural born scientist with degrees in Medicine, Engineering, Chemistry, and Economics working in Management.


MSc in Economics / MBA (2014)
PostDoc in Biomedicine (2007)
PhD in Physiology (2006)
MSc in Biotechnology (2002)
AAS Industrial Chemistry (1994)

Recent Activities

PM for Technology Transfer (now)
VP of Scientific Operations (2014)
Market Research Consultant (2009)
Travelling around the world (2008)
QC Laboratory Technician (1997)


German: Native language
English: CEFR C2, Fluent
Swedish: C1, Very proficient
Danish/Norwegian: B2 (reading)
Spanish: A2, Elementary level


Here you may find my writings, theses, and my personal blog.
Dr. David Kitz Kramer, research pubs

Published Research

Find my papers on:
PubMed | Google Scholar
Six original research projects in molecular biology /genetics
published 2004-2007.

MBA thesis, Dr. David Kitz Kramer

MBA Thesis

Investigation into factors
influencing ethical decisions
in management (click image).

PhD Tesis, David Kitz Kramer

PhD Thesis

The role of exercise in the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes.
Click image for doctoral thesis.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH), David Krämer

MSc Thesis

Development of a filter-array for
the analysis of gene-expression.
Click image to read more.

Dr. Dave @ Nature Publishing

Popular Scientific

Internship at the News section of
Nature in London, in 04-2004.
Click the image for articles.

Wordpress: Dr. David Kitz Kramer

Wordpress Blog

My reflections on things and stuff,
some light some tough.
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